RedCity Club

“RedCity Club”: interview with the famous mafia club

The city falls asleep, the mafia wakes up…

It is impossible to meet a person who has not played Mafia at least once in his life. Popular role-playing turn-based game with a detective story will not leave anyone cold. Every night civilians are killed in the city, they try to deal with the criminals on their own. There are even entire large-scale Mafia tournaments.

We could not ignore the growing popularity of Mafia clubs and interviewed representatives of one of the most popular clubs in the UAE “RedCity Club”.

When was the RedCity Club founded and what is its purpose? Does your club hold Mafia tournaments?

Initially the club was founded in 2021 and held games for the city mafia. Later we began to hold games only for the classic sports mafia, which we are doing now, after the change of the president of the club. In March 2022 we held the first classic mafia tournament according to the rules of Federation of Intellectual Game Mafia among UAE players. The tournament was held at the Kempinski Mall of The Emirates. Everyone could come and watch everything in Live mode literally from the next room. The winner of the tournament was our guest from Tashkent (Legavy club).

In April 2022 we rebranded and gave the club a second life under the name “RedCity Club”. Our mission is to educate and interest as many people as possible in the sports mafia, to show how this game develops thinking, memory, logic, oratory and much more.

In October we plan to hold a tournament where players from different countries will come and fight for the title of the UAE Classic Mafia Champion.

Who is the President of the RedCity Club?

Alexandra Fosta is the President of the RedCity Club. She came to the Emirates 8 years ago as a singer, vocal and piano teacher, marketing executive and party guide in Dubai nightlife, connecting people from different parts of the world.

Alexandra Fosta, President of the RedCity Club

Does anyone can take part in the game in your club?

We host club games every Wednesday and Saturday. Every Tuesday is beginner’s day. We conduct training so anyone can come and try themselves. After playing 30 game nights at the beginners’ table you will have access to club games and residency in the club with a large number of privileges and bonuses.

Do club residents communicate in their free time outside of games and tournaments?

Mafia for players is a family. In addition to playing mafia we spend time at various events: we play volleyball, go to quizzes, quests, go in for horseback riding and much more.

Who are the members of the RedCity Club?

Club members are different people, ranging from real estate agents to businessmen, tourism, consulting, aviation, IT workers, athletes, architects, etc.

Playing the Mafia requires maximum concentration and accuracy, super-observation, self-control and the ability to psychologically influence an opponent. The game helps to develop many useful skills: to notice the slightest changes in facial expressions and gestures, to recognize truth and lies, it also develops logical thinking and the ability to react in stressful conditions.

Photos by FostaPR

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