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Expo City Dubai welcomes first visitors

Expo City Dubai welcomed its first visitors on Thursday. Guests were able to experience two popular attractions ahead of the official opening on 1 October.

Fans of Expo 2020 Dubai – the first ever World Expo to be held in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia – marked the beginning of Expo City Dubai’s journey by visiting Alif – the Mobility Pavilion and Terra – the Sustainability Pavilion.

Peruvian-Canadians Chris and Patricia Diaz, who were the first visitors to Alif, spent a month in the UAE during Expo 2020 Dubai, but did not have time to see all the pavilions and attractions. They were delighted to be back.

Patricia said: “Alif is one of the pavilions we couldn’t visit because it was very busy.”

Chris said: “We had heard great things about Alif and were fascinated by the outside, so we knew the inside must be great too. It’s a really profound experience and a great way to remind us of the tremendous efforts made by humanity – and how the UAE has been involved in it all – as well as the special times we live in. I think it gave us a good opportunity to make sure that there is more to come in the future.”

Virgilo’s Filipino family, Majin and June Pearl Hikasio, were the first to arrive on Terra. Virgilo, who lives in Dubai, was delighted to bring his wife and daughter to Terra as part of his holiday in Dubai.

Virgilo said: “I was able to visit most of the pavilions during Expo 2020 Dubai – about 190 of them – but for my family this is the first time, so we are very happy to be here.”

Terra, a world-class example of sustainability best practice, inspires visitors to reassess their relationship with the environment through a thrilling journey across the ocean and forest. Alif takes curious explorers back in time and beyond new horizons to discover how mobility has driven human progress throughout history and contributed to our ever-increasing quest for new frontiers.

Alif and Terra are open every day from 10 am to 6 pm. Tickets can be purchased at www.expocitydubai.com and at ticket offices at Expo City Dubai.

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