Synergy Traffic & Marketing Summit Dubai

Synergy Traffic & Marketing Summit Dubai

The modern world is a world of speed and dynamics. You have to constantly keep your finger on the pulse, following new trends and constantly acquiring new knowledge and skills to succeed in your career and create a working and profitable business. Moreover it is not enough just to have these skills. They need to be used wisely so that they really bring benefits to their owner.

Today every entrepreneur have to understand marketing, develop a business model with the right positioning and also find a way to enter a promising, stable and developing market.

We would like to share with you a useful announcement of the “Synergy Traffic & Marketing Summit Dubai” forum, in which there will be more than 300 participants, top experts, major entrepreneurs, representatives of iconic brands. On the forum you can learn about developments, current trends and news in marketing in the Middle East. The forum will take place on October 22 at Taj Exotica Dubai.

The Synergy Traffic & Marketing Summit Dubai forum is organized by Synergy Business School Dubai. Founders: Gagik Muradyan and Gevorg Muradyan.

Synergy Traffic & Marketing Summit Dubai
Gagik Muradyan and Gevorg Muradyan, founders of Synergy Business School Dubai

The Synergy Traffic & Marketing Summit Dubai forum is intended not only for marketers, but also for everyone who wants to successfully promote their business, create a constant and stable flow of customers, increase the efficiency and awareness of their brand.

The speakers of this forum are:

• famous bloggers;

• business coaches;

• authors of popular educational programs;

• editors and publishers of magazines;

• successful entrepreneurs;

• investors;

• marketers;

• neurocoaches;

• SMM marketers;

• branding experts, etc..

The headliner of the Synergy Traffic & Marketing Summit Dubai forum is Alexandra Mitroshina, a blogger with an audience of 2.3 million subscribers; an expert in maintaining and monetizing Instagram; the author of the bestseller about Instagram; founder of the most famous business conference “Projector” in social networks.

Alexandra Mitroshina

The forum will highlight topics about blogger and influencer marketing, the importance of online reputation, creating sales funnels, media marketing and brand marketing.

Each forum participant will acquire valuable knowledge and skills, as well as learn:

• how to build a marketing company in the Emirates;

• how to successfully promote business in the UAE;

• working marketing tools in the Middle East;

• how to survive in the era of blocking;

• what are the benefits of the UAE for starting a business;

• how to create your own marketing agency in Dubai;

• how to choose a niche for starting a business in the UAE;

• advertising and PR in the Emirates – how to make them more successful;

• how to ensure a constant flow of customers in another country.

We are waiting for you at the largest Synergy Traffic & Marketing Summit Dubai forum this autumn, where everyone can learn how to take their business to a new level, expand their horizons, achieve success in their field of activity and acquire useful contacts.

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