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Tips from the consulting company Papa Pro for obtaining a UAE resident visa

Foreign citizens require a special permit (resident visa) for legal stay and business activities in the UAE.

 A UAE resident visa will allow you to live and do business in an economically and politically stable country in a prestigious jurisdiction, as well as have all the rights of a resident of the country and enjoy the benefits of this status.

The leading consulting company Papa Pro tell you more about the types of resident visas, the process and terms of obtaining, the opportunities that a visa opens up for immigrants.

The UAE residence visa is a document that provides the following opportunities:

• live in the country legally;

• do business;

• get education;

• rent and purchase real estate.

The validity of a resident visa is 3 years with a further extension.

What are the benefits of being a resident of the UAE:

• legally reside in a country with a developed infrastructure and financial sector, with a high level of medicine and services;

• open and run a business with preferential taxation;

• rent commercial and residential real estate;

• open a corporate and personal account in a respectable bank;

• obtain residence visas for family members;

• get an international driver’s license;

• study in educational institutions of the UAE;

• get a job in local companies.

There are several strategies for obtaining a resident visa:

1. Make investments in real estate;

2. Open a company;

3. Become an employee (official employment);

4. Freelance visa;

5. Golden Visa (for popular, outstanding people).

Obtaining a real estate investor visa

 When buying expensive real estate (value from 750,000 dirhams to 2 million dirhams), such as a villa or apartment, you are provided with a resident visa in Dubai for a period of 3 years.

Obtaining a resident visa by opening a company

To obtain a resident visa you have to open and register a local company in the main territory of the UAE (Mainland) or a company in a free economic zone (Free Zone Company).

The founder of the company is issued a resident visa for a period of 3 years.

Obtaining a visa through official employment

The UAE Government does not set any nationality or citizenship requirements for company employees. Therefore employment in one of the local companies is one of the most popular ways to obtain a UAE resident visa.

Obtaining a Freelance visa

Freelance visa is an analogue of individual entrepreneurs and self-employed in the UAE. The visa is issued for 3 years and can be renewed an unlimited number of times.

 A freelancer visa is suitable for conducting activities in the following areas: media (photo and video filming), IT, consulting, also suitable for artists, coaches, makeup stylists, etc.

Freelance owner’s benefits:

• reside in the UAE, enter and leave the country an unlimited number of times within the scope of the visa.

• work legally in the UAE.

• cooperate with organizations located in the main territory of the UAE, as well as in free zones.

Getting a Golden Visa

Golden Visa can be obtained by specialists in certain industries: entrepreneurs, investors, scientists and doctors, as well as representatives of creative professions and outstanding students. The visa is issued for a period of 10 years and then renewed for life. Golden Visa can be issued to a foreigner by any emirate of the UAE but, nevertheless, it is valid on the territory of all emirates.

Such an initiative reflects the vision of the country’s leadership to make it a center of innovation and a place of prosperity for businessmen, inventors and creative individuals.

Highly qualified specialists of the Papa Pro consulting company will take on all the responsibilities for obtaining a resident visa. All you need is to provide the necessary documents.

The UAE’s fast-growing economy, favorable business environment, developed infrastructure, high standard of living, no income tax, multicultural and safe environment make the UAE an ideal place for immigration.

This article is authored by Mariia Krummer a top manager of a consulting company Papa Pro.

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