«Oasis of the Soul: New Sincerity

Oasis of the Soul: New Sincerity – an international exhibition in Dubai

The «Oasis of the Soul: New Sincerity» opened for the public on the 8th of September in the Masterpiece Fine Art gallery, bringing together the artworks of outstanding international artists through the mediums of painting and photography.

«In our exhibition, the artists reflect different faiths and cultural environments, however, they are all united by courage – that is called «New sincerity» in art today, created for empathy. A masterpiece that gives rest to the eye, food for thought, and most importantly, opens up the treasury of the artist’s thoughts. » – notes one of the curators of the «Oasis of the Soul: New Sincerity» exhibition, international art manager and art historian Alexandra Timorina.

‘Passion down Manhattan’, Sergey Markofken

New Sincerity is an art movement that detaches from the principles of postmodern irony and cynicism and promotes sincerity as the main motive for a rebellion against the cynicism of the modern world. The organizers of the exhibition invite the viewer to pay attention to the eternal values of humanity, to fill the void that has formed by returning to the “principles of unambiguity”, to search for answers and true meaning. As the emphasis on sincerity and authenticity that has arisen has made it unironically cool to care about spirituality, family, neighbours, the environment, and the country.

The «Oasis of the Soul: New Sincerity» show features the most prominent art pieces of Noj Barker, Alena Vavilina, Andrey Voskanyan (Houdruk), Tatyana Faydysh, Joe Machine, Sergey Markofken, Waleed Al Taleb.

Oasis of the Soul

The «Oasis of the Soul: New Sincerity» exhibition highlights the works of the talented artist Andrey Voskanyan (HOUDRUK). Andrey is an Armenian artist with an honorable international background. He has been researching complex color combinations of the modernist style, wild expressionism, and lush academic realism throughout his art career. Andrey Voskanyan (HOUDRUK) is a Laureate of international exhibitions, including Florence Biennale exhibitions (Gold Medal of Lorenzo Medici) and New York Expo 2007 (New York, USA), where he also had a solo exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMMA ) in 2011 (New York), and Florence Biennale exhibitions (Gold Medal of Lorenzo Medici).

Oasis of the Soul

«The paintings of Andrey Voskanyan cannot be described merely by the word “surrealism” as it is irrevocably outdated and conveys neither the variety of approaches nor the creative identity. Voskanyan translates a complex set of experiences and sensations into the language of visual images. His art is a mode of reflection on psychological and physiological conditions. His best works combine strong professionalism, creative freedom and intuition of composition and colour, »– highlighted the Art critic Aleksandra Konshakova.

Oasis of the Soul
‘Pinocchio’, Andrey Voskanyan (HOUDRUK)

The wonderful exhibition «Oasis of the Soul: New Sincerity» will run until October 5. The guests can get acquainted with the works of talented and outstanding artists, get inspired and enjoy the atmosphere of creativity and aesthetics.

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