Dubai’s sights “transferred” to the planet Pandora

Dubai-based digital artist Joe John Mallor has “transferred” the emirate’s architectural masterpieces to the planet Pandora, famous from James Cameron’s Avatar, in a new series of his works.

The artist has thus anticipated the release of the long-awaited sequel, Avatar: The Path of Water, which is due out in December this year. Dubai’s major landmarks including the Burj Khalifa skyscraper, the Burj Al Arab resort, the Museum of the Future, the Dubai Frame and the Ain Dubai Ferris Wheel have been given a whole new lease of life.

Some images show the Na’vi people, humanoid inhabitants of Pandora, flying their dragon-like pets. It’s worth noting that Avatar, which was released in 2009, is one of the most successful films ever made.

In the sequel, events will take place on the planet Pandora, 10 years after the events of the previous series. After assuming the avatar image, soldier Jake Sully becomes the leader of the Na’vi people and takes on the mission to protect his new friends from self-serving businessmen from Earth. Now he has someone to fight for – with Jake his beautiful beloved Neytiri. When heavily armed Earthlings return to Pandora, Jake is ready to fight back.

In March 2022, Joe John Mallor created a series of photographs that turn Dubai into a winter fairytale. In the artistic photos, the famous water channels of the Madinat Jumeirah complex are covered in ice and ice floes float off the coast of the Persian Gulf.

In July he presented digital images of the UAE’s “winter capital”. The series showed what Qasr Al Watan Palace, the capital’s Corniche Quay and Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque among other landmarks could look like if Abu Dhabi were to experience a snowy winter.

Source: The National

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