Dubai Safari Park

Dubai Safari Park opens doors for a new season

Dubai Safari Park kicked off its new season today, 27 September. With over half a million visitors last season, Dubai Safari Park is expected to benefit from the rapidly growing international tourism interest in the emirate and become an attraction not only for the emirate’s residents, but also for travellers from around the world.

One of the emirate’s most popular leisure and tourism destinations, the park’s new season will include a wide range of new and unique interactive entertainment and educational activities, as well as the addition of a number of new animals.

Dubai Safari Park

In line with Dubai Municipality’s plan to create world-class leisure destinations, Dubai Safari Park has contributed to enriching the value proposition of Dubai as a major international tourist destination. The park offers a unique experience with a variety of animals from around the world that live in a climate-controlled environment close to their natural habitat. Each season, the park updates its attractions to further enhance the experience for visitors.

A number of new animals will be added to the Safari Trip in November, which will contribute to enriching the visitor experience. Newborn specimens of some animals such as the Ankole Watusi cow, Eland antelope, Arabian Oryx, Nile crocodile and water buffalo have already joined the animal community at the park.

The Dubai Safari Park covers 119 hectares of immaculately landscaped grounds with animal friendly habitats and offers visitors a unique experience compared to other parks and sanctuaries. Visitors can enjoy its varied themed sections including African Village, Asian Village, Arabian Desert Safari, Explorer’s Village and The Valley. A variety of packages such as the Safari Plus Trip, among other special tour packages, cater to visitors’ different preferences and budgets.

Visitors taking advantage of the Safari King package can enjoy a unique personal experience in the company of a personal guide who will provide information and commentary about the park’s animals. The Behind the Scenes package offers an exclusive 90-minute experience where visitors can meet animal care specialists, learn about daily routines and special animal care, and interact and feed several animals, while the Bush Photographer package allows visitors to photograph animals from unique vantage points in the park.

In addition to safari packages, the park offers a variety of entertainment shows, as well as restaurants and cafes serving local and international cuisine. Trains, combined with bicycles, electric cars and other environmentally friendly means of transport, provide a range of transportation options to facilitate movement between different parts of the park, providing visitors with a rich adventure experience.

Dubai Safari Park

For the new season, Dubai Safari Park will be open every day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Source: Dubai Media Office

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