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Richman House: interview with the founder Vazgen Yeghiazaryan

Dubai is a city designed for business. The emirate has a favourable business environment that encourages companies to grow and succeed commercially. And, of course, these companies need a space where they can implement their projects. Richman House has become that space.

Richman House is a premium space for work and business development in Dubai. It helps companies find a new home and build a community of like-minded people from various fields of international business.

The Opus by OMNIYAT designed by Zaha Hadid

Richman House is located in the heart of Dubai, in the five-star building The Opus by Omniyat. All the opportunities for leisure and business networking are concentrated here. The Opus by Omniyat is the latest work by famed architect Zaha Hadid to be shortlisted for the World Architecture Festival.

We have met with the founder of Richman house Vazgen Yeghiazaryan and asked him about this great business center.

Interview with the founder of Richman House Vazgen Yeghiazaryan

How did you come up with the idea of creating a business center?

In 2020 I came to Dubai for three days to see how people live in this cosmopolis and what business opportunities this city has to offer. Dubai constantly hosts various events, conferences, exhibitions that gather business representatives from all over the world. They often meet, communicate with each other, and discuss possible options for cooperation. I met some very interesting people, and this made me think of an idea to create a networking hub to help business representatives expand their businesses both locally and internationally.

How would you describe your project?

Richman House is a convenient business space where everyone can spend time in a comfortable environment and meet a lot of nice, mindful and helpful people. We provide companies with the opportunity to work in comfortable premium-class offices, take part in VIP events held by the Richman House networking center, as well as hold their business events at the atmospherically beautiful, one might even say, unique Richman House event venue. Our spaces provide common combined functions for work, leisure, socializing and image building. 

Richman House is a ready-made work center with a chic interior that needs no modifications, so all operating costs are included in the rental rate. This makes it possible to quickly move in and immediately start working – 24/7, which, I think, is very convenient in our dynamic time. Our business center has all the necessary conditions for a comfortable stay from morning to evening: you can relax and play billiards, hold a business meeting and drink a cup of aromatic coffee in our lounge or plan a full-fledged high-level catering for your event. Catering services are provided by our company Le Mas Gastronomique. They also deliver fine dining to private jets, villas and yachts. It turned out to be a full range of high quality services. As you know, quality is valued in Dubai. 

Richman house

Does the name “Richman House” reflect your company?

Our name reflects our message. Richman House is the House of Successful People, where anyone can find high-quality connections and acquaintances in order to get the tools to expand and scale their business or project. 

How are you developing this project? What is its main goal?

Richman House is an investment group, which consists of representatives of local and foreign businesses. The development strategy of our company assumes the presence of an investment portfolio, which includes projects in the field of IT, crypto, and classical business.

Why did you create a crypto business center, is it only for those who have a crypto business?

We help build collaborations between classical businesses and projects operating in the crypto industry — the Richman House team has enough experience. If a business wants to be tokenized and get into a dynamically developing crypto community, they come to us. At the same time, renters from the same industry interact with each other, creating a cluster. Therefore, hosting companies from related industries such as fintech and blockchain is a more successful strategy. This is also good for the renters themselves, as they do not compete with each other, but cooperate.

How do you see the progress of this project?

We strive to ensure that a large number of events and meetings take place on the Richman House platform. Thanks to this, our residents will have more opportunities to build business relationships and enter into partnerships. Since in Dubai it is not commercial offers and tenders that are valued, but personal communication, the Richman House networking center can become the number one platform for building a franchise in Dubai. 

Richman house

How is Richman House different from other business centers?

It is known for its friendly atmosphere, openness to everything new, readiness for development and growth, as well as providing the opportunity to build new partnerships and receive a wide range of services to scale any business within one platform.

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