New visa regulations come into force in the UAE

A number of visa changes have come into force in the United Arab Emirates since 3 October 2022. For example, the visa reform announced back in April offers travellers new types of entry documents that allow them to visit the UAE without an invitation from a sponsor or host.

The new types of entry permits make life easier for many foreigners, including job seekers, students and tourists. The standard validity of tourist visas has been extended from 30 to 60 days. In addition, five-year tourist multi visas have been launched, allowing foreigners to stay in the UAE for 180 days a year or 90 consecutive days.

The new five-year UAE resident visas allow parents to sponsor their daughters of any age, making it much easier for female graduates to find employment. Many businesses will be able to hire girls with valid residency visas for one- or two-month internships. They will also be able to work on individual projects as freelancers or self-employed.

Young men also get a leg up on the care of their parents, who will now be able to sponsor their sons until their 25th birthday, rather than adulthood as was previously the case. “Green” residence visas allow their holders to sponsor themselves and close relatives in addition to their spouse and children for 5 years.

Green visa holders will be able to sponsor their relatives for a similar period of time. Such visas are granted to aliens falling into one of the three categories:

Highly-skilled professionals can apply for a five-year residence permit without a sponsor or employer. They must be in possession of a valid employment contract and must meet the first, second or third occupational level in the register of the Ministry of Manpower and Emiratisation, have at least a bachelor’s degree and a salary of at least AED 15,000 per month.

Freelancers and self-employed can apply for a freelance permit from the Ministry of Manpower and Emiratisation. They must have at least a bachelor’s degree or a relevant diploma. The annual income from self-employment for the previous two years must be at least AED 360 thousand (more than US$ 98 thousand). Alternatively, the applicant can prove their financial solvency to live in the UAE.

Investors and partners of companies who wish to do business in the UAE can extend their visas for up to five years with the consent of the competent local authorities and proof of investment volume.

Source: Gulf News

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