Al Quoz

Al Quoz Creative Zone to become one of the largest in the world

The Al Quoz Creative Zone High Committee approved the master plan for the Al Quoz Creative Zone at a meeting chaired by Her Highness Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) and Member of Dubai Council.

The master plan is a comprehensive plan for the development of public infrastructure, public services and spaces, and the artistic ambience of the zone over the next four years. The project aims to create an enabling ecosystem that will facilitate the creative people and entrepreneurs to go through all phases of the creative industry value chain – from development and execution to distribution and marketing.

The master plan has been developed by the Municipality of Dubai after researching and benchmarking various leading local and international creative clusters, and based on best practices and successful models that are well-suited to this zone.

Al Quoz

Al Quoz Creative Zone will be one of the largest communities of its kind in the world in terms of both total area and scale of creative activities. Land use in the Al Quoz Creative Zone will be optimised to stimulate creative activity in the community. Once completed, the zone is expected to grow from 900 to 20,000 creatives, with eight times as many creative spaces, three times as many recreational and support spaces, and 30% more commercial spaces.

The integrated community offers a cost-effective working and living environment for artists, professionals and entrepreneurs. The Zone will provide housing for more than 8,000 people and attract 33,000 visitors per day. The distinctive identity of the Zone, combined with the diverse cultural, educational, recreational and entertainment offerings, is expected to attract visitors and tourists throughout the year.

Guided by an innovative vision, Al Quoz Creative Zone has a unique layout plan that allows for flexible spaces that consider cost-effectiveness and flexibility, and achieve the vision of Al Quoz Creative Zone by accommodating all the various creative activities and other support spaces in an integrated and supportive environment that ensures living and working together for land owners and creatives.

The master plan envisages the construction of 2,900 units of affordable housing for creative people and extensive public spaces for events and activities. The public spaces will be highly interactive, with unique entertainment activities and attractions located in open spaces and along pathways equipped with entertainment and rides, as well as public spaces for recreation, entertainment, community events and art exhibitions. Preliminary plans for the technical infrastructure networks required for the smooth operation of the zone have been developed in close cooperation with key stakeholders. Al Quoz Creative Zone will facilitate easy and flexible pedestrian movement and create a unique open-air environment for public activities.

Unique pieces of public art placed throughout the zone will create an aesthetically distinctive community identity and offer a unique experience for visitors.

The Masterplan has been designed to create a dynamic cultural and creative destination that brings together diverse stakeholders, encourages the public to engage with arts, culture and creativity and creates opportunities for creative people to collaborate, network, share knowledge and access learning resources.

In addition to the master plan, a development guide for the Al Quoz Creative Zone will be prepared to include standards and guidelines aimed at preserving the urban form and the industrial identity of Al Quoz through mechanisms that allow the use of the existing warehouses and their transformation to accommodate different types of creative activities and businesses.

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