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Expo City Dubai welcomes guests

Expo City Dubai, Dubai’s tourist-friendly pedestrian precinct, has been launched. Under the famous Al Wasl dome, light and music performances are already taking place from Wednesday to Sunday and are completely free to attend.

According to the organisers, the Al Wasl dome keeps several secrets: the temperature underneath it is always 5°C cooler than outside and the trees and plants grow naturally inside. The widest part of the dome is 15 metres above the ground.

Under the dome there are dressing rooms, a stage control desk and other rooms. The Al Wasl dome changes colour three times a day, most of the time during darkness.

Expo City Dubai has already opened four pavilions and additional attractions to the public and has introduced one-day passes for Dh120 to visit them. The one-day pass allows guests to visit the Vision, Terra, Sustainability, Mobility and Women’s pavilions. More pavilions will be added to the pass as they open.

The pass can be purchased online at www.expocitydubai.com. Children up to 12 years old and people with special needs can visit the redesigned campground for free – all you need to do is pick up your admission tickets at the ticket office of Expo City Dubai. Access to Surreal Falls and the Al Wasl complex remains free.

Expo City Dubai will retain 80% of the buildings left over from Expo 2020. Some of them will be converted into commercial and office buildings. Much of the infrastructure will be designed to support a healthy lifestyle.

The site will feature smart mobility solutions for means of transport that will enable people to travel safely and conveniently from home to the office and back. These will include a dedicated route for autonomous vehicles, a 10-kilometre cycle path, connected wide walkways and a 5-kilometre jogging track.

Source: Khaleej Times

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