Club 500

Club 500 holds business lunch in Dubai

In Dubai networking is growing at an accelerated pace, and more and more platforms are being created for it. That is why Club 500, the largest closed premium business community in the CIS, opened a representative office in the UAE in March 2022. Club 500 is a huge community of entrepreneurs with almost 1,000 residents and an annual aggregate turnover of USD 18 billion.

Club 500

One of the most effective in building quality communications and regular Club 500 formats is the business lunch. This format involves a face-to-face meeting of residents in a pleasant informal atmosphere, with a speaker presenting a current business topic, discussion and networking. Speakers are usually top managers and founders of large corporations. You can ask a question and get an answer right away. At business lunches, residents make new acquaintances, exchange experiences and competences, share successful practices, find partners and like-minded people.

Club 500

Club 500 hosted such a business lunch on October 6. This time the speakers were Igor Sergeev, the founder of Papa Media company and Chief Editor of Dubai People and WOW magazines, and Vladislav Kuvshinov, the youngest member of Club 500 Dubai who stands at the beginning of the Hawex international ecosystem.

Igor Sergeev talked on PR strategy for the Brand and how to get into Forbes, Bloomberg, Vogue and other TOP media. In his speech he explained the features of international PR for the brand and helped the members of the club to understand how to build a reputation in the media.

Vladislav Kuvshinov’s topic was: “How to avoid payment problems in international business?” He has unveiled the most common payment problems faced by international companies and gave tools to solve these problems. In his speech Vladislav also gave instructions for opening an ideal current account and connecting Internet acquiring.

As always, the Club 500 residents’ meeting was held at the highest level. It is in such a relaxed and friendly atmosphere that successful projects are born.

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