Hazza Al Mansouri

Hazza Al Mansouri to speak on future of space travel

Hazza Al Mansouri, the first Emirati astronaut, will give a talk on the future of the UAE astronaut programme and space exploration at the Museum of the Future Auditorium on Wednesday 19 October at 4.30pm.

Al Mansouri’s talk, in collaboration with the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC), is part of the Museum of the Future’s Future Talks series. The series is part of the Museum’s efforts to shed light on inspiring Arab and international figures and present innovative ideas to experts in the academic, scientific, cultural, social, developmental and other fields. The talks aim to explore horizons and opportunities for imagining and designing the future.

The Future Talks series is a platform that aims to celebrate and highlight great Arab minds in various fields. It is part of the museum’s goal to support a knowledge- and technology-driven movement in the region, bringing together great Arab minds to harness and channel their creative energy to create a better future for our communities.

The talk series covers many topics such as humanity’s relationship with robots, Dubai’s role in investing in the future, the future of mixed reality, the state of science and the Arab world, the future of mobility, the role of the metaworld, the future of finance and technology, and the state of the world in 2022. Future Talks reflects the Museum’s role as a global think tank, bringing together international partners and specialist research institutes to explore current and future challenges in order to develop new and innovative solutions.

As part of his visit to the Museum of the Future, Hazza Al Mansouri will hold a children’s tale about his visit to the space, which will be attended by around 20 children. The event, which will take place on Level 5 of the museum in the OSS Hope exhibit, is in line with his aim to inspire future generations. OSS Hope is a depiction of a space station in the year 2071, where visitors interact with different stories and join its community.

There will also be a mini-exhibition featuring items from his time in space, including his spacesuit, the kind of food he ate and a photo gallery documenting his journey.

Hazza Al Mansouri’s journey into space in September 2019 made the UAE the 19th country in the world and the first country in the Arab region to travel to the ISS. The former military pilot was selected from 4,022 candidates after a series of mental and physical tests in the UAE and abroad. He underwent more than 1,400 hours of special training as part of an agreement between the MBRSC and major space agencies, including NASA, Roscosmos, ESA and JAXA.

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