Beach Games Festival

Beach Games Festival starts tomorrow

Dubai Sports Council has finalised preparations for the launch of the first of its kind ‘Beach Games Festival’ to be held from 20 October to 6 November 2022 at Kite Beach in Umm Sukheim.

The Beach Games Festival includes two international championships that will feature the world’s strongest teams and national teams, as well as a number of other beach events and competitions.

High on the list of the Beach Games Festival is the Intercontinental Beach Soccer Cup, which will be organised by the Dubai Sports Council for the 11th consecutive year in collaboration with the FIFA Beach Soccer Committee. Other outstanding events to be organised are the World Beach Volleyball Pro Tour and Badminton Championships, as well as other outstanding beach events that will take place on the fields adjacent to the main championship stadium.

Construction work has been completed on the 3,000-seat main stadium, the 200-seat under-standings, the changing rooms, the referees’ room, as well as the FIFA and International Volleyball Federation delegates’ rooms, the training fields and the Supporters’ Village.

The festival kicks off on Thursday 20 October 2022 with a yoga and badminton competition. On Friday 21 October there will be a press tour of the Beach Volleyball Championship, including a press conference to introduce the most outstanding teams taking part in the Championship. There will be entertainment for the media and fans in the presence of Brazilian volleyball legend Gilberto Amauray D Godoy Filo, who is known as (Jiba). Members of the media and fans will also have the opportunity to interview several players from the UAE, USA, Canada and Qatar.

The Beach Volleyball World Championship will be held in the Emirate of Dubai from Saturday 22 October to Sunday 30 October with 192 male and female players representing 96 teams from 25 nations from different continents of the world playing 266 matches. The championship will be organised by the International Volleyball Federation with the support of the Dubai Sports Council and in cooperation with the Emirates Volleyball Association.

The 11th edition of the Intercontinental Beach Soccer Cup will be held from 1 to 6 November 2022 at Kite Beach in Umm Sukheim, with the top eight national teams from around the world participating. Four matches are scheduled for the first day of the championship (1 November 2022): the USA will play against Japan at 04:00pm / UAE against Spain at 05:15pm / Saudi Arabia against Brazil at 06:45pm / Paraguay against Iran at 08:00pm.

Admission is free for fans on all days of the festival to enjoy watching the world’s strongest teams in the Beach Volleyball Championship and the Intercontinental Beach Football Cup. Fans will also be able to take part in the entertainment activities that will take place as part of the festival in the substitutes, as well as children’s games and food trucks in the Championship Village, among several other recreational activities.

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