Raining Street

Raining Street to open in Dubai

Off the coast of Dubai, in the Heart of Europe archipelago, the first climate-controlled street, or Raining Street, will open. The one-kilometre-long street will be equipped with equipment that makes it rain on command.

This is how the vision of the Austrian property developer Josef Kleindienst to bring rain into the heart of the desert will come true. The Raining Street will maintain a year-round temperature of 27°C, the wind speed will be 5 km per hour and the humidity level will be 60 %, like in the European capitals.

The intensity of the rain will also be regulated from drizzle to torrential (especially in the hot summer). “This technology ensures that as soon as the temperature on the island rises above 27°C, cold water in the form of rain will begin to fall from the roofs of the buildings through hidden pipes,” Kleindienst said.

As previously reported, developer Kleindienst Group, the developer of the Heart of Europe project, will build a network of coral reefs four kilometres off the coast of Dubai, around the artificial islands of The World Islands archipelago. The area of the reef will reach 500,000 square metres.

The reef will help to preserve the marine ecosystem and will delight local hotel guests. Marine biologists reported earlier that 73% of all corals off the UAE coast were killed by human activities.

Currently there are 15 hotels being built on The World Islands, which is designed in the form of a world map. In addition to private homes, the project is famous for its floating seahorse villas, which are moored off the coast of the islands. The total cost of the project on the artificial islands is estimated at US$ 5 billion.

The facilities include five hotels, several floating villas, as well as beach palaces on the island of Sweden and villas on the island of Germany. The Heart of Europe project comprises six linked islands that will house a total of 4,000 accommodation units in 15 resorts.

Source: The National

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