'Tomorrow Today'

‘Tomorrow Today’ exhibition at the Museum of the Future

The Museum of the Future (MOTF) has announced a collaboration with Dubai Municipality to anticipate future technologies in various sectors that will contribute to human development. These sectors include sustainable construction, smart cities and food security.

As part of the partnership, these technologies will be showcased in the museum’s ‘Tomorrow Today’ exhibition.  The exhibition showcases cutting-edge technologies that can shape future areas such as urban planning and development, including innovations and materials for sustainable construction.

Some of the technologies aim to create suitable urban spaces and smart agriculture to optimise the use of space and increase food security. The 700-square-foot ‘Tomorrow Today’ exhibition is the result of dozens of partnerships.

His Excellency Dawood Abdulrahman Al Hajri, Director General of Dubai Municipality, said: “The strategic partnership between Dubai Municipality and the Museum of the Future creates a platform to showcase the most creative and innovative ideas related to envisioning the future of smart cities and advanced technology. By focusing on key sectors of Dubai Municipality, including smart city planning, sustainable construction, 3D printing and urban food security, we aim to strengthen Dubai’s position as the city of the future.”

'Tomorrow Today'

The ‘Tomorrow Today’ exhibition, organised in collaboration with Dubai Municipality, showcases innovations of the future that address the challenges facing the planet by mitigating pollution, reducing and recycling waste, and promoting sustainable practices. These practices include carbon capture systems in future homes, mobile waste bins in future cities, scaling biodegradable plastics technology and testing artificial reef structures in water bodies in and around urban settlements. The practice covers five key areas: waste management, environment, food security, agriculture and irrigation, and urban planning.

Sponsored by Dubai Municipality, ‘Tomorrow Today’ showcases sustainable building innovations of the future, including building materials made from waste coconut fibre or based on mycelium – the root structure of mushrooms, as well as 3D printing technologies for building structures using sand, moss, gravel and clay. There are also forward-thinking applications that enable people to master the open interior design of future homes using cutting-edge technology.

The exhibition showcases cutting-edge methods of vertical farming in the cities of the future and urban communities without the need for agricultural land. This shortens the supply chain in the cities of the future, providing a significant portion of their daily agricultural needs, increasing food productivity and enhancing food security for people and society.

'Tomorrow Today'

The exhibition ‘Tomorrow Today’ is divided into several sections, each presenting prototypes and solutions developed to meet specific challenges in the cities and societies of the future. The innovations and exhibits on display include the following:

An autonomous boat for waste collection

Carbon capture system

Alternative to plastic

Modular artificial reef structures (MARS)

Vertical farming

Unique building panels

3D printed sand

Recycled tiles

Rummed earth tiles

The AR experience

The ‘Tomorrow Today’ exhibition, located on the first floor of the MOTF, explores how technology can shape the future and address the challenges facing the planet and our society today and tomorrow. The exhibition uses a variety of demonstration tools that invite visitors to explore the possibilities of the future through prototypes, experiments, interactive exhibits, short introductory films and real models; in this way, visitors get a comprehensive view of what the next decade will look like.

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