E-scooters help Dubai citizens save money

A growing number of Dubai locals using public transport are also starting to buy e-scooters to get from the nearest metro station to their office and home.

They admit that two-wheelers are helping them save up to AED 500 a month that they previously spent on taxis and buses. Users also note that during rush hours, getting to their destination by e-scooter is much faster than by public transport.

E-scooters are very convenient for travelling within a 5-10 km radius of metro stations. Despite the fact that they have to be constantly charged, electricity bills do not increase significantly, as they do not require a lot of energy.

The cost of an e-scooter ranges from AED 1,000 to AED 2,000. The fact that the number of districts that will be equipped with scooter trails will increase to 21 by the end of the year has been a big relief to two-wheeler owners.

Among the new areas where electric scooters will be allowed are the following: Al Tawar 1, Al Tawar 2, Umm Suqeim 3, Al Garhoud, Muhaisnah 3, Umm Hurair 1, Al Safa 2, Al Barsha South 2, Al Barsha 3, Al Quoz 4 and Nad Al Sheba 1.

The new lanes are planned to serve 114,503 residents in these areas. They will also be connected to major landmarks, social infrastructure and public transport stops.

The department had earlier urged users of two-wheelers to refrain from travelling on the tracks under construction to avoid accidents. Drivers, in turn, were urged to be careful and respect the speed limit in areas where electric scooter lanes are installed.

In the spring of 2022, Dubai began issuing electronic permits for the use of electric scooters. More than 22 thousand such permits have already been issued. E-scooters can only be used on tracks specially adapted for them, outside running and walking paths. The maximum speed is 20 km/h. It is only permitted to travel alone, wearing a reflective waistcoat and helmet.

Scooters must keep a safe distance from vehicles and pedestrians. Pedestrians must pass pedestrian crossings on foot by rolling the scooter next to them. Scooters may only be parked in designated parking areas. E-scooters may be used by drivers aged 16 years and over.

Failure to comply is punishable by law, with penalties including confiscation of the vehicle for 30 days, longer in the case of repeat offences, and fines for traffic offences.


Source: Khaleej Times

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