Food Safety Conference

Dubai International Food Safety Conference’s opening at DWTC

Strengthening Dubai’s status as a leader in food safety and positioning the issue as a strategic priority, Dubai Municipality kicked off the 16th annual Dubai International Food Safety Conference (DIFSC) today at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

The three-day conference, which will be held under the theme ‘Future Directions in Food Safety and Preservation’, will discuss strategies for maintaining high standards of food safety and preservation, including the introduction of innovative technologies to strengthen the supply chain.

The event will bring together more than 3,000 global food experts and over 60 speakers, including specialists, academics and research organizations. The conference, which runs until 3 November 2022, brings together several international organisations working in the food sector around the world.

The 16th DIFSC conference addresses trends critical to food safety in all supply chains, including emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data and the meta-universe, to develop sustainable solutions and develop global food systems. Discussions will highlight the need to maintain high standards of food safety in line with national, regional and international food security strategies. Also, various methods of optimising technical innovations in the sector to achieve food sustainability will be discussed.

The conference will include workshops and interactive panel discussions on emerging technologies and their role in data-driven decision-making, as well as the dissemination of information on Metaverse and its applications in the food sector. The conference will facilitate the exchange of experiences in the food industry and food safety culture, as well as highlight best practices in the implementation of food policies.

The conference will also promote the concept of One Health, a holistic approach to achieving a sustainable balance, enhancing public health and preserving the ecosystem. Experts will also address the monitoring of chemical contaminants and their risks, with particular attention to the maximum limit of pesticide residues in food.

Dubai Municipality (DM) will outline its food safety initiatives, including the Metaverse food safety programme, which aims to empower food business suppliers to adopt best practices through Metaverse. DM will also present FoodWatch, an advanced digital platform for food and nutrition safety, reflecting its ambition to cement Dubai’s leadership position as the happiest, healthiest and most sustainable city in the world. The municipality will also showcase the Food Smart Inspection System, which assesses the level of compliance with food safety regulations and standards in catering establishments.

On the first day of the conference, DM signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Global Food Regulation Scientific Society (GFoRSS), Canada. Both parties agreed to promote mutual understanding and best practices that contribute to a scientific database for food testing. The two parties will collaborate on the establishment of a food science research centre at the Dubai Central Laboratory, share knowledge and provide training to empower food laboratory workers.

On the sidelines of the conference, DM will launch a ‘Green Channel’ initiative to facilitate the entry of imported food products into local markets through various access points in the emirate. Electronic import applications will also be scrutinised before imports based on the regulations and standards of the imported products, the country of origin and the standards of the importing companies.

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