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Real Business in Dubai: business lunch with the members of Club 500

In our imagination all business events and official meetings are held in strict and concise conference rooms or office locations. The founders and representatives of the companies are dressed in classic costumes, serious and focused on achieving their goals.

In today’s article thanks to Club 500 we would like to tell you that business meetings (the so-called business lunches) are also held in an informal setting and they are no less successful and productive.

Club 500 organized a business lunch on the theme “Real Business in Dubai” on October 26. The main speaker of the event was Leo Dovbenko, CEO and founder of Yalla Market. A wonderful meal and discussion of the most pressing topics were combined at the business lunch: the opening of the company in the UAE, how to enter the local market, the cases of well-known companies and what main difficulties they faced. The business lunch was moderated by Nikolai Belousov.

A business meeting in an informal setting helps its participants look at their business in another way, find a creative and extraordinary solution, as well as acquire new useful contacts, and enjoy live communication in a chamberlike setting.

Club 500

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