Igor Sergeev

Igor Sergeev announces start of “Another Level” project

A unique work-shop hosted on November 4 in The Opus Tower in Richman House, where the main speakers Igor Sergeev and Irina Gorovaya explored important and actual topics about the features of international PR for brands, the importance of creating the right reputation in the media and social capital of the brand, how to get + 100 publications in the media.

Igor Sergeev – founder of PR company Papa Media, top publications “Dubai People” and “WOW Magazine,” investor, businessman and journalist with 13 years of experience in media.

Irina Gorovaya is a co-founder and CEO of MOZGI GROUP, a producer with 15 years of experience in show business and marketing. In Irina worked with projects such as Master Card, Visa, Lego; creative projects Potap and Nastya, Vremya i Steklo, MOZGI group.

Irina Gorovaya, co-founder and CEO of MOZGI GROUP

The participants of the work-shop received valuable knowledge, great motivation for development, and were also the first to learn about the start of Igor Sergeev’s new unique author’s project “Another Level.”

The project “Another Level” is a completely new format that was created specifically in order to open up new bright and authentic personalities, strong and professional experts and entrepreneurs to the world.

The project participants expect a half a month of their transformation, the working up of their PR strategy, positioning, foundation and brand character. Participants will be able to bring their brand to the international market, perform on the same stage with popular big speakers, get articles in top publications and also learn how to enter the international media field.

Igor Sergeev will personally choose 10 project participants who will be able to maximize their potential, rise to an unprecedented height and show their strengths to the whole world.

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