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Awqaf Dubai launches endowment to support Al-Tadawi Hospital

Awqaf Dubai in partnership with Al-Tadawi Healthcare Group, has launched the Medical Endowment Fund initiative for the treatment of human cases at Al-Tadawi Specialist Hospital. The initiative aims to provide comprehensive healthcare services that support the healthcare sector in the community and reinforce the endowment’s role in supporting health and preserving lives.

The foundation intends to build the medical endowment project in Al-Satwa, Dubai, on a 233.74 square metre site.

The endowment building consists of a ground floor, two floors, shops and a car park with facilities for services and facilities. The cost of the land and the construction costs is around AED 8 million.

His Excellency Ali Al-Mutawa, general secretary of the Endowments and Trusts for Minors Foundation in Dubai, said: “The corporation attaches great importance to the health sector, based on its awareness of the importance of preserving lives and protecting people from disease by providing advanced facilities to ensure the development of this vital and significant sector.”

Al-Mutawa added that Al-Tadawi Hospital is a strategic partner to support the foundation’s health initiatives, and this partnership contributes to improving health services and providing necessary medical care without discrimination or preference for groups unable to bear the costs of treatment.

Al-Mutawa called on all parties to support the health sector and play a positive role in addressing health issues in the society and to contribute to the process of developing the health sector and achieving its sustainability in support of the vision of sound leadership in developing preventive systems through its adopted health strategy, which aims to maintain the health of the society with all its spectrums and components.

Marwan Ibrahim Haji Nasser, Chairman and CEO of Al-Tadawi Healthcare Group, thanked Awqaf Dubai for the charity initiative, which eases the financial and medical burden of those who are unable to pay the cost of treatment, Haji Nasser added that the hospital will open its doors to all who wish to participate in supporting the Solidarity Charity Fund by participating in this noble humanitarian work and enabling all members of society to receive better healthcare services.

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