Food Tech Valley

Food Tech Valley partners with Tradeling to strengthen UAE’s food ecosystem

Food Tech Valley, developed by wasl Asset Management Group, an initiative of the UAE government to triple the UAE’s food production and position the country as a global destination for the industry, has partnered with Tradeling, MENA’s electronic trading platform specialising in B2B transactions. The agreement aims to provide a number of benefits for both parties, B2B buyers and sellers, as well as reinforcing the main objective of increasing the UAE’s self-sufficiency in food imports.

The agreement was signed at the wasl Experience Centre by Ahmed Al Shaibani, Food Tech Valley Project Manager, and Marius Chiawola, CEO of Tradeling, in the presence of senior representatives from both organisations.

Several key objectives were agreed in order for Food Tech Valley to realise its potential as a commercial hub for experts in the food ecosystem. The Tradeling platform will provide business users with access to food and agricultural technology through simple payment solutions, logistics, warehousing solutions as well as marketing and customer engagement. Food Tech Valley will create a B2B marketplace based on Tradeling to help support, connect and find buyers from a variety of industries, including hospitality, where F&B vendors purchase local and international quality products and raw ingredients.

This collaboration will provide a digital trading experience that will support food producers and help expand their business in the UAE. Tradeling will support local producers by accelerating their growth through the platform. Selected companies will be offered credit finance solutions that include flexible payment options for SMEs and start-ups.

A Food Tech Valley spokesperson said: “We are thrilled to enter into a strategic partnership with Tradeling, the leading e-commerce platform for business buyers in the MENA region, to expand our offering and strengthen our commitment to help develop and transform the UAE into a global hub for clean, technology-driven food and agriculture solutions. As a result of this collaboration, we will enable local food producers to trade through a new section on the Food Tech Valley website, FTV B2B Market, covering the value chain and target segment, leading to significant growth and results. Our joint efforts will ultimately help realise the UAE’s food security plans and we look forward to working closely with Tradeling to pioneer sustainable food production and redefine how the world produces and consumes food.”

Commenting on the agreement, Marius Chiawola said: “The UAE is successfully diversifying its economy and Food Tech Valley is another initiative that fits into the country’s plan to shape a more sustainable future. Tradeling is excited to be part of this journey and we look forward to facilitating business for B2B buyers and sellers that contribute to the country’s betterment.” More than 200 million consumers have switched to online shopping since 2020 and we are confident that through this partnership we can jointly revolutionise e-commerce and AgriTech ecosystems.”

Food trade in the UAE exceeds AED 100 billion annually and the AgriTech market is expected to grow from $13.5 billion to $22 billion over the next four years. Among the main objectives are to strengthen the UAE’s food security, help the country become self-sufficient, and further develop vertical farming and other advanced agricultural technologies.

The MoU between Tradeling and Food Tech Valley was concluded to accelerate this process and expand the offerings of both organisations. As this strategic partnership develops, Tradeling will strengthen Food Tech Valley’s market position while becoming the preferred online channel for technology providers.

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