Cashuzbek Club & Connect+ invites to NFT Private Party

Cashuzbek Club & Connect+ is an international community of entrepreneurs from more than 15 countries with a total of 30,000 participants. This community has been organising networking events, connecting and creating long-term business connections for 3 years.

Cashuzbek Club & Connect+ invites to NFT Private Party Cashuzbek, a private event for entrepreneurs and crypto-investors. The event will take place on 23 November at Soho Garden Dubai. It is an unrivalled entertainment venue that reflects the real life of Dubai.

The “NFT Private Party Cashuzbek” will feature over 500 attendees from different countries and cities who share the same passion – cryptocurrency and NFT. You will be able to meet new people, chat on topics that are interesting to you, make useful business acquaintances. All participants of the event will get a valuable experience, which will definitely come in handy on the crypto market. After the conference, the participants will enjoy extraordinary entertainment: the best DJs in Dubai, modern dance-floor, drone show, fire-show and different areas for entertainment.

Speakers at the NFT Private Party Cashuzbek will include such personalities as Thomas Kralov, Davinci Jeremy, Gleb Kostarev, Sergey Khitrov, Konstantin Goldstein, Crypto Rover, Nikolay Udyanskiy and many others.

Ticket price from $280 to $5000. Admission to the event is free for owners of 3 NFT CUC collections only!

CUC is an atypical NFT collection, which aims to create an ecosystem with a strong international community of true enthusiasts, bonded around the idea of making crypto popular.

The creator of CUC’s NFT collection is Azam Khodzhaev. Azam founded Top 1 crypto community in CIS, which has already earned more than $10M. He promotes major cryptocurrency projects and shares access to early stage investments.

CUC is the ticket to an international community where everyone promotes cryptocurrency. The team has a lot of experience holding grand offline events. That’s why the emphasis in community building is on live communication between people around the world. CUC has been in crypto since 2016.

Find out how to develop yourself in the NFT world, together with those who have been in the market since 2016 at NFT Private Party Cashuzbek!

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