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Dubai Future Academy launches 3 new digital courses

Dubai Future Academy, the capacity-building arm of the Dubai Future Foundation (DFF), has announced the launch of three new digital courses designed to promote future thinking practices through world-class educational experiences.

The launch of the new courses relates to the Dubai Future Foundation’s efforts to advance future knowledge and develop a global information model that supports the capabilities and competencies of future leaders in various fields and provides them with the necessary tools. It also highlights the importance of actively preparing for the future and its changes and making the best use of future opportunities. 

These free digital courses allow participants from the UAE and around the world to enhance their skills in various fields and expose them to important opportunities in future methodology, future technology and future literacy, including the brightest ways to apply future forecasting tools in various private and public spheres.

Said Al Gergawi, head of Dubai Future Academy, another Dubai Future Foundation initiative, said that training members of the public in the use of foresight tools is one of the most important activities of Dubai Future Foundation, adding: “This initiative is an open invitation to all those who aspire to leave their mark in the field of designing the future.”

Al Gergawi added: “Dubai Future Foundation focuses on developing young people’s abilities and motivation, providing them with the skills they need to seize future opportunities. While we continue to promote this approach in all our programmes, we will also work together to listen to the ideas and aspirations of the programmes participants to continue to refine and develop them according to the needs of the participants, while serving the Dubai Future Foundation’s mission to empower future creators with the most important skills they need.”

This digital initiative uses an innovative methodology that provides participants with a unique learning experience and allows them to apply practical skills to both professional and personal lives. The courses are designed so that participants can choose when to watch pre-recorded lectures without having to adhere to a timetable. This allows participants to control the pace of the course.  The courses are taught in English and Arabic and registration will be available on the Dubai Future Foundation website:

Participants will receive a certificate from Dubai Future Foundation once they have completed the course, passed the final exam with a score of 90% or higher and come up with an idea for a future initiative that could shape the future of Dubai and the UAE.

Foundations of Foresight   

The first course, entitled ‘Foundations of Foresight’, is designed to introduce participants to the essential foundations of foresight, its concepts and ethics, its role in the modern world, ways of exploring future scenarios and mechanisms for applying these principles of strategic thinking.

Foundations of Emerging Technologies

Participants in the Foundations of Emerging Technologies course will learn about the most important tools of technological foresight in today’s emerging technologies, the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as the application of blockchain, virtual and augmented reality, the Internet of Things, 3D printing, and more.

Foundations of Futures Literacy 

The third course, entitled Foundations of Futures Literacy, allows participants to explore, learn and practice future communication skills and tools, enhance their cognitive, motivational and dynamic abilities, and introduce them to the most important 21st century skills and provide tools for foresighted thinking that will help them actively participate in building the future.

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