Dubai Pearl

Dubai Pearl to be demolished

Dubai has announced the demolition of the famous mega project Dubai Pearl, which has remained unfinished since 2002. For 20 years, it had been planned to build four towers with 1,490 apartments, seven five-star hotels, more than 60 restaurants and a 1,600-seat theatre.

The project was located at the entrance to The Palm Jumeirah, between the Dubai Media City and Knowledge Village areas, and was to be a ‘city within a city’. Today, the site can be replaced with demolition equipment.

The website for the project, which was announced at a cost of AED 22 billion, still says it could be home to 30,000 people. It is speculated that the project may be rethought or the construction plan changed completely.

Earlier, Moon World Resorts Inc. released renderings showing that the largest tourist project Moon Dubai Dubai, which is shaped like the moon, could appear on the site of Dubai Pearl.

According to the idea, Moon Dubai will be an entire city with a full range of facilities: from a spa, a nightclub and a banquet hall for events, to luxury residences, “moon shuttles” and educational facilities for astronauts from around the world.

The structure itself will resemble the moon and the ‘lunar surface’ will be surrounded by a ‘lunar colony’. The resort will have the capacity to host 2.5 million visitors wishing to learn more about space tourism. The 224-metre-high building is due to be completed in two to 48 months.

The authors of the project expect that Moon Dubai will be able to serve 10 million tourists and visitors per year. Thanks to it, Dubai can strengthen its position as a centre of space tourism on the world stage. The company later announced that it is also considering Abu Dhabi for construction.

Источник: Time Out Dubai

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