Dubai in world’s top three cities for expats

Dubai and Abu Dhabi have been named among the world’s top ten cities for expats in the InterNations Global Network’s rankings, coming in second and ninth respectively. The high rankings for the UAE’s two major cities have been secured by the lifestyle opportunities they offer.

Last year, Dubai was ranked third and Abu Dhabi 16th. In the current ranking, Dubai has only passed Spain’s Valencia and has overtaken Mexico City, Lisbon and Madrid in the top five.

The InterNations network surveyed 11,970 people in 50 cities around the world, asking them to rate the quality of life, ease of relocation and employment, as well as savings opportunities in new cities.

In addition, respondents assessed the digitalization of countries, administrative barriers, quality of real estate, and the ability to communicate in foreign languages.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi top the Expat Essentials Index (they have everything expats need), as well as being among the top ten cities in terms of quality of life.

The UAE authorities, the second largest economy in the Arab world, have implemented several economic, legal and social reforms in recent years that have improved the business climate and attracted new foreign investment and skilled manpower from abroad.

In August, the United Arab Emirates topped 11 different rankings evaluating the quality of life of foreigners. Expats ranked highest for security and digitalisation, leisure diversity, professional prospects and job satisfaction and transport accessibility.

The report, titled Expat Insider 2022, found that 94% of respondents feel safe in the UAE, compared to the global average of 81%. At the same time, 86% of respondents are satisfied with the quality of government services (the global average is 61%). 90% noted easy access to cashless transactions in the UAE (the global average is 84%).

The emphasis on easy access to healthcare services was placed by 78% of respondents (compared to 64% globally). More than 79% of respondents said that living in the UAE has given them new professional prospects (the global average is 655).

Not knowing Arabic is also not a barrier in the UAE, with 85% of respondents saying it was easy to get around, 83% said administrative procedures were easy, and 75% said finding accommodation was easy.

Source: The National

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