DMCC Gaming Centre

DMCC Gaming Centre launched at Dubai Esports Festival

DMCC has announced the launch of the DMCC Gaming Centre to support the growing global and regional video games industry.

The DMCC Gaming Centre, launched during the Dubai Esports Festival, officially cements DMCC’s efforts in the gaming and esports industry, creating an enabling environment in which all gaming and esports companies can thrive. The DMCC is currently home to more than 50 gaming companies, ranging from game developers and producers to esports teams and tournament organisers.

The DMCC Game Centre will be located in the award-winning DMCC Free Zone, providing unprecedented access to an active community of gaming industry peers that will open up new opportunities for collaboration. Gaming companies looking to expand their global reach and connect with audiences around the world will also benefit from DMCC’s all-digital creation process, world-class infrastructure and commitment to making doing business easier.

Within the DMCC Gaming Centre, members will have access to a broad esports community through regular events and esports tournaments, as well as industry support from DMCC ecosystem partner YaLLa Esports, the leading esports organisation in the UAE. In addition, DMCC members will have the opportunity to join acceleration and market entry programmes focused on the gaming industry through our ecosystem partner AstroLabs, a leading technology ecosystem developer in the MENA region.

Earlier this year, DMCC partnered with global venture capital firm Brinc to give DMCC members access to $150 million in funding through its ZK Advancer and The Sandbox Metaverse acceleration programmes. These programmes will also be open to DMCC Gaming Centre members developing blockchain and web3 games.  

Games have become the most popular form of digital entertainment worldwide, with rich storytelling and greater immersion than other forms of content. DMCC research shows that eight out of 10 Generation Z and Millennials are gamers, with gamers aged 25 to 40 spending up to seven hours a week playing games.

Esports is also a fast-growing industry, with 68% of the online population watching game-related content and 10% being esports enthusiasts. Esports have become more watched than many traditional sports leagues, such as the NBA and MLB.

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