Host Theatre

Host Theatre launches themed dinner series in Dubai

Host Theatre has unveiled an interactive performance based on Mexican myths and legends in the dynamic space of Dubai’s increasingly popular Papa Dubai restaurant in Al Habtoor City. Throughout the month of December, dinner theatre-goers have the opportunity to experience four facets of Mexican myths in an entertaining format on a weekly basis.

Host Theatre is a project that combines theatre and the hospitality industry. More than 25,000 guests attended the entertaining performances of the project in five cities. During a theatrical dinner at Papa Dubai restaurant, the audience will learn about the mysteries of the Maya tribe, ancient spirits and traditions of the Carnival of the Dead, as well as the Mexican Mafia.

Papa Dubai restaurant is a unique space of nine concept bars, each with its own energy, bar list and unique interior design. The venue will be divided into four zones, each offering a Host Theatre performance.

The Host Theatre’s dinner: Chapter 1, Mexican Papa is much more than just an evening of performance art. It is an immersive performance where the boundaries between the performance and the audience are blurred and guests are able to participate.

A guide into this mysterious world will be the omnipresent god of the north and the night sky. According to legend, he has the power to read minds. Because of this, he can make even the most unimaginable thoughts, fantasies and wishes come true.

The staged dinner will be accompanied by a set menu of Nikkei cuisine that combines Peruvian and Japanese gastronomic traditions.

Dates: 15, 22 and 29 December, collection 7:30pm

Location: Papa Dubai, Atrium Level 3, Al Habtoor City

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