Dubai to open 10,000 jobs in agri-tourism

The world’s largest agricultural project is to be implemented in Dubai, with plans to hire 10,000 employees for the purpose. Thanks to URB’s new Agri Hub project, Dubai will become an agritourism hub.

The project is scheduled to start in 2025, with the location to be determined only in 2024. The objective of Agri Hub is to ensure food security in Dubai.

Scheduled to open in 2030, the project will allow local farmers to sell produce directly from the seedbed, and visitors will find organic shops and restaurants in addition to a fruit and vegetable market.

Earlier, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, approved the second phase of Dubai Master Plan 2040. It includes several projects under 10 key initiatives.

These include beautification and landscaping of urban neighbourhoods and public spaces, development of the real estate sector, farming, urban heritage conservation and development of the pedestrian network, as well as development of the ’20 Minute City’ development plan.

The Dubai ruler specified that in the future, the city will be greener and more pedestrian-friendly, and will also benefit from the development of agriculture. The city will have five main centres, two of which already exist and three new ones will be built in the future.

The main objective of agriculture will be to ensure food security. The main goal of the master plan is to make Dubai a better city to live in.

Source: Arabian Business

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