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Dubai to open service centre for remote workers – foreigners

A service centre for remote workers will be opened in Dubai to attract them to stay in the emirate. The initiative will be implemented by Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism and short-term accommodation portal Airbnb.

Any remote worker who wants to live and work in Dubai will be able to use the new service to find information on the emirate’s entry regulations and Dubai’s visa policy for digital nomads.

The United Arab Emirates authorities have started issuing new resident visas to remote workers. Those who want to live in the UAE while continuing to work for an overseas company can apply for a one-year residency permit.

The programme was first announced back in March 2021. The one-year residency visa can be renewed for another year and will allow digital nomads to reside in the UAE on a self-financing basis.

Those wishing to apply for a residency visa must provide a contract confirming employment with a foreign company, a passport with at least six months left to expire, and medical insurance covering medical expenses in the UAE.

Digital nomads who have obtained a residency permit in the UAE can sponsor their family members for a similar period. The application (in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain and Ras Al Khaimah) can be submitted through the Federal Identification and Citizenship Authority (ICA) website to obtain a 60-day entry permit.

In Dubai, the application should be made on the Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing Corporation’s website – www.visitdubai.com. The salary of the remote workers must be at least US$5,000 and the contract must be valid for at least one year.

In addition, the applicant must provide last month’s salary statement and bank statements for the last three months. Similar income requirements apply to company owners wishing to apply for a residence permit in the UAE. They must also provide three months’ bank statements from the company’s account.

The visa fee is AED 1,050 in Dubai and AED 300 in the remaining emirates. Payment of the fee does not guarantee a visa. After being granted entry clearance and arriving in the UAE, remote workers must undergo a medical examination and apply for a residence visa within 60 days. The residency permit allows them to rent accommodation, open a bank account and enrol their children in school.

Source: The National

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