“You’re Not Alone” – Istomin debut song in Dubai

Music heals! It touches the finest strings of our soul, inspires, motivates, helps us to look deeper and find our true selves.

The premiere of Istomin’s debut song “You’re not alone” took place on 22.12.2022 in the show restaurant “Patriki”. Guests and fans of the artist were the first to hear, appreciate and feel the deep meaning of the author’s text. The mega popular and talented Vlad Sokolovskiy became a sound-producer of the song.


The singer’s first song was written in Bali. Istomin was inspired by his inner state and emotions, as well as a great desire to share them with his listeners, to give them a piece of himself, his creativity, and also, by the magic of music, to help them believe in themselves and find the strength to move forward.

The live concert was accompanied by musicians and ended with a DJ set by Vlad Sokolovskiy.

All the spectators received an unforgettable experience and a positive charge from an incredible, talented and mega charismatic Istomin. We look forward to hearing his next songs.

You can listen to Istomin’s “You’re not alone” right now on Apple Music

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