Pandemic fighters receive more than 30 000 golden visas

More than 30,000 pandemic coronavirus fighters have been granted 10-year residency permits in the United Arab Emirates by Frontline Heroes Office. The organisation said it would continue to issue “golden” visas to heroes to ensure their social stability.

It is noted that the employees have been nominated for the visas by health authority heads. In April 2022, the United Arab Emirates Cabinet approved one of the biggest visa reforms in recent years.

In particular, changes have been made to the golden residency programme to attract investors and skilled people to the country, as well as academics and talented students and graduates.

Under the new rules, the maximum stay period outside the UAE will be abolished for holders of the 10-year residency permit. They will be able to sponsor spouses, children of any age and domestic staff (unlimited). Upon the death of the holder of a golden visa their family will be able to stay in the UAE until the expiry of their visa.

“Gold” visas are issued to scientists, outstanding students and graduates with scientific achievements, degrees in fields such as engineering and technology, and recommendations of the UAE Council of Scientists. Outstanding students from UAE high schools, graduates from local universities or top 100 higher education institutions around the world are eligible to receive the 10-year award.

In addition, qualified workers with professional experience in various fields with a valid employment contract, with a scientific or academic degree at least a bachelor’s degree and a salary of at least 30 thousand dirhams per month (US$ 8.2 thousand) can apply for a “gold” visa.

The 10-year residence permit is available to holders of outstanding achievements in the fields of culture, arts, sports and digital technology, as well as investors in real estate, including those under construction, worth at least AED 2 million, which can be purchased with a mortgage (loan can be taken out at a local bank). Entrepreneurs owning a business in the UAE with an annual income of at least AED 1 million (US$ 272 thousand) can also get a gold visa.

Source: Khaleej Times

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