Sheikh Zayed Festival

Sheikh Zayed Festival set to welcome New Year

The Sheikh Zayed Festival will welcome the New Year with the biggest fireworks display on record, lasting more than 40 minutes, and a magnificent drone show featuring more than 3,000 drones. The festival will open its doors on 31 December from 4pm to 2am and will welcome visitors with a ‘Hayakum’ message to celebrate the New Year.

Visitors will enjoy exceptional performances, such as a stunning fireworks display that will last more than 40 minutes and break three Guinness records, providing visitors with an exceptional experience to start the new year.

The festival will include the biggest drone show ever to break a Guinness record as more than 3,000 drones will take part and at the end of the spectacular show will light up the Al Wathba sky with a welcome message for the new year.

The Sheikh Zayed Festival will welcome the new year with a long list of vibrant international folklore and art events and performances, cementing its reputation as one of the most important international cultural and heritage festivals, offering visitors various exhibitions and shows such as the Heritage Village and Pavilions of Emirati Civilisations, Funfair City, Kids City, Arts District, go-kart competitions, Crazy Car, Light and Flower Garden, Selfie Street, Dessert Museum and much more.

The celebrations of the participating countries will include entertaining international folklore and cultural presentations that will take place in the festival grounds and pavilions throughout the day, turning the festival grounds into a global arts venue.

Festival-goers will be able to explore the many different pavilions to enjoy and experience the art and culture of the participating countries, such as dancing and live music shows on the stages of the various pavilions.

Source: WAM

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