Another Level

Another Level: Papa Media gathers top market leaders in Dubai

On 11 February the main event of the year 2023 will take place in the heart of the world Dubai – an incredible large-scale business forum show “Another Level”. The event is organised by Papa Media. Founder of Papa Media, top speaker and moderator of panel discussions – Igor Sergeev – one of the most successful and popular Russian speaking entrepreneurs in Dubai with 13 years of experience in PR, businessman, journalist and investor.

The “Another Level” business forum will unite 12 top speakers from different business niches: Osipov, Dashkeev, Mitroshin, Helen Yes, Gitelman, Miller, Stashkevich, Matukhno, Armani and Polonsky. Each of the speakers will reveal 3 insights on his or her topic of interest to an audience of ten thousand, in both online and offline formats.

The forum participants will enjoy a panel discussion from the speakers as well as Q&As from the audience. The forum and panel discussion will cover topics relating to the system and the team, the community, women and men in business, marketing and energy.

For the first time, the business forum will take place in a new themed show format. The “Another Level” forum organizers were inspired by the legendary Mortal Kombat game, that is why the intellectual battle will be joined by famous top experts in their field who will answer questions from the audience.

Forum participants will be able to engage in a lively discussion, find new partners, exchange experiences and gain unique insights, as well as gain access to a closed networking chat of entrepreneurs.

The forum will bring together motivated people interested in personal success who care about their business.

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