UAE named most powerful country in the Middle East

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been named the most powerful country in the Middle East in a ranking compiled by US News. Globally, the UAE was ranked ninth, ahead of the United States, China and Russia, among others.

The ranking evaluated criteria such as the power of a country’s leader, its economic and political clout, as well as the strength of international alliances and the strength of its military forces.

The ranking of the 10 most powerful countries in the world is as follows:

1.            United States of America

2.            China

3.            Russia

4.            Germany

5.            Great Britain

6.            South Korea

7.            France

8.            Japan

9.            United Arab Emirates

10.          Israel

Earlier, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, said that a bright future awaits the people of the country in the new year – thanks to their ambition and relentless movement forward. The UAE leader also wished the people of the country, the region and the entire planet peace and happiness in the new year.

In December 2022, the UAE passport topped the Passport Index ranking of the most influential passports in the world. It is calculated on the basis of the number of countries that the passport holder can visit without having to obtain a visa in advance.

The ranking was made by the consulting company Arton Capital. According to the rating, the UAE is the only non-European country in the top ten. According to the company UAE passport holders can visit 121 countries without a visa, in 59 countries it will be possible to get a visa on arrival.

In 2021, the United Arab Emirates authorities approved amendments to the law granting local citizenship to foreigners, including investors, valued professionals and their family members. The move is aimed at attracting prominent people to Emirati society.

Eligible for UAE citizenship are now: investors, doctors, professionals, academics, creative professionals including artists, and family members of all the above categories.

Source: Arabian Business

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