Azizi Development

Azizi Development to build block with air-conditioned boulevard

Dubai-based property developer Azizi Development has announced plans to build a mixed-use development in Dubai South with an investment of AED20bn (US$5.5bn). The project will feature luxury villas, residences, commercial and entertainment space.

In addition, Azizi Development has announced plans to build a first-of-its-kind two-kilometre air-conditioned boulevard that will keep the weather cool at all times. This attraction alone is expected to attract 100,000 visitors a day from surrounding areas.

The pedestrian boulevard will be a glazed gallery with shopping areas, restaurants, commercial space, cinemas, nightclubs, a children’s playground, ample underground parking and other amenities.

Residences and three- and five-star hotels will have direct access not only to the boulevard but also to a large artificial lagoon with a three-kilometre beach. The area is planned to be landscaped with parks. There are also plans to build a school, a hospital and cycle and jogging paths in the neighbourhood.

As previously reported, the first climate-controlled street, or rain street, will open off the coast of Dubai in the Heart of Europe archipelago. The one-kilometre-long street will be equipped with equipment to make it rain on command.

This is how the dream of the Austrian property developer Josef Kleindinst to bring rain into the heart of the desert will come true. The rain street will maintain a year-round temperature of 27°C, the wind speed will be 5 km per hour and the humidity level will be 60 %, like in the European capitals.

The intensity of the rain will also be regulated from drizzle to torrential (especially in the hot summer). “This technology ensures that as soon as the temperature on the island rises above 27°C, cold water in the form of rain will begin to fall from the roof of the buildings through hidden pipes,” Kleindinst said.


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