Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams plans to build a hotel in Dubai

Popular British singer and musician Robbie Williams is set to build a Las Vegas-inspired hotel and residences in Dubai. The singer clarified that he plans to live in his “property” permanently and revealed that he is “very excited” about the prospect.

“I’m currently planning to build my own hotel so I can give my concerts in my own hotel,” Robbie Williams said. The former Take That star said he has access to people who will support his ideas.

In November, Robbie Williams revealed in an interview that he sees huge potential in Dubai’s entertainment sector. “I like Dubai. I want to work there a lot,” the artist said, specifying that Dubai, in his opinion, could be the best replica of Las Vegas.

The United Arab Emirates has previously confirmed the opening of its first casino – it will be part of the Wynn Marjan resort in Ras Al Khaimah. The emirate is in the process of creating local legislation to regulate the gambling sector, with Singapore and US regulations taken as a basis.

As confirmed by Wynn Resorts, the gambling house in the UAE will be twice the size of the one operating in Las Vegas. It will have an area of 18,500 square metres and is scheduled to open in 2026.

The new complex on Al Marjan Island will have 1,000 hotel rooms, at least 10 restaurants and lounges, a large conference centre as well as shopping and spa centres.

At the same time, plans to open MGM Resort Dubai in Dubai remain on track. As you know, MGM Resorts is one of the leading integrated resort operators, including the world’s largest hotel MGM Grand with 6852 rooms in Las Vegas, which is managed by the group.

The new resort is planned to be built with developer Wasl. Announced in 2017 and originally scheduled to open in 2021, the MGM Resort in Dubai is expected to consist of 1,000 rooms and 10 villas.

Like Las Vegas, the hotel will feature a similar water show, theatre, restaurants, specialty shops, traditional and interactive museums, a beach club and entertainment areas for adults and children.

Source: The National

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