Awqaf Dubai

Awqaf Dubai adopts new brand identity

Awqaf Dubai, the Foundation for Endowments and Minors Trusts in Dubai unveiled its brand-new identity in line with its new name.

The foundation indicated that the new identity guide consists of a set of elements that are used to create an overarching corporate identity for the foundation on all media produced by the foundation. It also supports future identity requirements with distinction and dynamism. The corporate identity was enhanced by the use of green and gold to imitate the organisation’s activities, which are linked to noble human values, as green symbolises growth and happiness, while gold conveys a sense of strength, stability, value and sophistication.

The foundation explained that the new logo appeared under the name ‘Awqaf Dubai’ which was drawn horizontally and reflects the beauty of classical Arabic calligraphy, while the letters were designed in a continuous creative manner, It symbolises the origin of the endowment from the institution and the unity of the community, the sharp lines of the logo reflect seriousness and represent trust and merit.

In this context, H.E. Ali Al-Mutawa, Secretary General of the Endowment, stressed that the Endowment’s corporate identity reflects the plans and ambitions of Awqaf Dubai and its desire to promote the noble human values inherent in Emirati society. Green represents the organisation’s goals in achieving the sustainability of its charitable projects and investments, while gold symbolises the organisation’s firm and leading position in society, indicating the importance of adopting a corporate identity with a clear imprint and distinct image to create trust and credibility in the hearts of clients and the public.

Al-Mutawa said that Awqaf Dubai is proud of its new style, which goes beyond a simple formal change at the corporate identity level, but rather embodies a comprehensive launch towards its future goals and aspirations of expansion in the area of endowment investment, realising its holistic humanitarian ambitions and strengthening its comprehensive objectives in planting goodness and development in the society.

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