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Unfortunately, cellulite is a problem that affects many women these days. It is caused by poor blood circulation, as a result of which insufficient oxygen is delivered to the fat cells. The consequence of this oxygen deprivation is damage to the fatty tissue, which inevitably leads to the formation and development of cellulite.

Some people think that cellulite is just a cosmetic disorder, but there have been numerous cases where cellulite has made women’s health worse, e.g. in the case of varicose veins. After all, the places where cellulite is formed become so-called “dead zones”, where tissues do not receive the necessary nutrients and metabolic products are not excreted. Subsequently severe intoxication of the adipose tissue and the formation of permanent scar changes take place.

The most common sites for cellulite are the buttocks and thighs, and sometimes the stomach. So what exactly is the problem? Medicine calls it a structural change in subcutaneous fatty tissue, which subsequently leads to fibrosis of adipose tissue. Cellulite does not cause physical pain, but it does cause emotional discomfort for women. It is a hard-to-remove fatty mass that directly attests to an unhealthy physiological process in the body. It is said to be a disease in which harmony is lost and imbalance is present. In other words, it is a consequence of an unhealthy lifestyle.

Each woman chooses convenient for themselves methods of combat with this intrusive enemy – someone buys a huge number of magic creams, someone sweats to a seventh sweat in the gym, and someone decides to combine business with pleasure – to visit a professional masseur. It is chiropractic care that is most effective in the fight against this problem, especially if it is applied with the appropriate cosmetic products. By chiropractic treatment we mean classical anti-cellulite massage. It is worth mentioning that since the areas of cellulite formation are very sensitive, the massage procedure itself is rather painful. In the process the subcutaneous fatty tissues are affected. The anti-cellulite massage is done only on the affected areas of the body. Depending on the stage of the disease special techniques regulate the strength and depth of the effect. Many specialists advise to do this massage together with a relaxation massage, because in this case it is possible to achieve better blood circulation throughout the body and, therefore, improve microcirculation in the buttocks, abdomen and thighs.

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The highly trained professionals at Elmax Salon & Spa provide you with an effective anti-cellulite massage to help you get rid of problem areas, excess weight and improve the appearance of your skin. The latest technology is used to carry out this process, so you won’t have to wait long for a result. Our skilled therapists can apply a massage that will improve skin elasticity, muscle activity, blood circulation, and activate protein, elastin and collagen synthesis. You don’t need to hide your flaws with clothes. Contact Elmax Salon & Spa and enjoy the true beauty of your body!

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