Igor Sergeev, Alexandra Mitroshina and Irina Bova at the “Re:fresh” 2023 forum in Belek

The large-scale transformational forum “Re:fresh” is a unique event that brought together more than 300 people offline in Belek, Turkey. The participants received an incredible concentration of essential knowledge, important insights, and an incredible number of new useful contacts during one week; they were able to prove themselves and be on a par with the leaders of the media market.

The speech of Igor Sergeev was one of the brightest and most memorable. Igor Sergeev is one of the most successful and popular Russian-speaking entrepreneurs in Dubai with 13 years of experience in the field of PR, successful businessman, blogger, singer, journalist and investor. The forum participants learned about the correct construction of DNA and the foundation of a personal brand, and also received advices on how to get into the top publications of Forbes, Bloomberg or Vogue from Mr. Igor’s speech.

Igor Sergeev

Alexandra Mitroshina is a blogger, who changed the Russian-language Instagram, a top expert of the “Re:fresh” forum. She revealed the topic of blogging trends in 2023. All forum participants were expected to analyze stories from Alexandra Mitroshina.

Alexandra Mitroshina

The participants also noted the speech of Irina Bova on the topic “The scale of the speaker. How to be those whose performance is expected”. Irina Bova is a Master of Psychology, Candidate of economic sciences, founder and head of BOVACENTRE, GSF speaker, international business coach and mentor for entrepreneurs.

Mark Seliverstov and Irina Bova

The forum was attended by top experts who shared their experience, the secrets of their success and highlighted current topics related to the field of PR, development and promotion of a personal brand, social networking trends, etc. All participants left the most positive feedback, had a good rest and looking forward to the next season of the forum “Re:fresh”.

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