S’hail app wins iCXA award

The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority has been named the gold winner of the International Customer Experience Awards (iCXA) 2022 in the Best Digital Transformation category for the S’hail app. The iCXA award, which recognises exceptional customer experience practices, recognised the S’hail app, launched by RTA in 2017 for public transport passengers in the Emirate of Dubai.

The S’hail app allows users to easily plan their journeys by providing access to all necessary navigation data and real-time travel time updates on all 11 modes of transport. In addition, the app presents spending options as well as available nol account balances, traffic updates and a feature that determines the best route to reach your destination.

“The S’hail app was rightly awarded a gold award due to the wide range of features and services it offers to all users, which are designed to provide a personalised customer experience tailored to individual preferences and needs. It also offers 24/7 support with a chatbot feature, a customer satisfaction rating system and other services that meet the needs of determined people,” said Meera Al Shaikh, director of RTA’s Smart Services.

“The S’hail app has been developed using the latest corporate flexibility practices to fully meet the needs and expectations of customers. It also supports the ‘first and last mile’ strategy and offers real-time information on all modes of transport in close proximity to the customer, including fares in various modes of transport,” added Al Shaikh.

“The S’hail app makes travelling by bus much easier through the use of a reply code system. By scanning the code at the station, customers can easily get information on bus destinations. Passengers also have the ability to plan trips in advance, navigate the emirate of Dubai and find attractions nearby. In addition, the app offers a sightseeing highlight feature and a news feed that allows passengers to keep up to date with transport updates in the emirate,” explained Al Shaikh.

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