Yalago observes growth in global hotel bookings in 2022

Yalago recorded a 92% increase in hotel bookings in 2022 compared to the previous year. Yalago is part of the Emirates Group and one of the world’s fastest-growing leisure hotel banks.

Reporting on the latest trends across all global markets, the wholesaler reports record highs in the number of travellers, booking expenditure and length of stay for the year.

Travellers are spending 30% more per booking, taking more extensive meal plans such as all-inclusive, and booking five-star hotels in most cases (45%). They are also staying for longer stays: the average number of nights stay has increased to five, up from four nights in previous years.

Astrid Kastberg, CEO of Yalago, commented, “With more destinations now open to international travellers, we are seeing incredibly high demand for all our key destinations. Looking ahead, we expect this trend to continue as flight capacity continues to expand to pre-pandemic levels. This is especially true for some of our key markets in Asia Pacific, which have yet to return to pre-pandemic capacity levels.”

“Through our industry expertise and partnerships, we aim to support global travel companies in providing an ever-growing portfolio of hotels for travellers. We have built a reputation as an expert around the world, in destinations such as Dubai, Indian Ocean, Florida, Spain and others, and continue to develop these destinations as well as new locations around the world.”

“The UAE, US, Maldives and European cities, as an example, remain extremely popular, while in the last couple of months we have seen a significant increase in bookings in South East Asia. Across Asia, five-star resorts are in demand but remain affordable and attractive thanks to our exclusive discounts and value-added services.”

As the ‘winter sun’ trend continues to dominate current Yalago bookings, the most popular destinations for hotel bookings from December 2022 to March 2023 are Dubai, Phuket, Singapore, Bali, Florida and the Spanish Canary Islands in descending order of popularity. At the same time, cities such as New York, Paris and London proved to be the most popular for travellers around the world on New Year’s Eve.

In 2023, Yalago’s main objective is to expand its hotel portfolio with a wider range in cities in Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas, particularly the US and Brazil. This will allow it to reach a wider global audience as the popularity of travel to these regions continues to grow.

The company is also expanding its reach with global teams working in the market to expand its local knowledge and expertise. In addition to its existing UK office through its dedicated Yalago Retail Connect division, the company has recently appointed business development managers in the US, Switzerland and Spain, as well as expanding its team in Dubai to further expand its global footprint in 2023. This will include establishing and expanding teams in the UAE, UK, US, Brazil, Latin America, Asia and Europe.

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