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Dubai changes rules for residence visas

Dubai authorities are abandoning the practice of affixing residence visas to foreigners’ passports. Visas will now be linked to the Emirates ID card. Thus, state authorities will no longer ask for a residence visa as a separate document.

It is worth noting that the Federal Office of Identification, Citizenship, Customs and Port Security announced the introduction of these changes back in May 2022. They were in effect in six regions of the UAE, excluding Dubai.

The authority also announced that it would create a unified form to handle requests for visa and identity card issuance or renewal. Airlines will be able to confirm UAE residency using a foreigner’s passport and ID card.

Authorities said foreigners can use the official ICP website or the UAEICP smart app to view their Emirates ID card digitally. The new generation ID cards will contain all the personal and professional details given on the residency visa today.

Earlier, the General Directorate of Residents and Alien Affairs in Dubai (GDRFA-Dubai) simplified the way to obtain a residence permit in the emirate – foreigners living abroad can now contact the agency via video call.

The new hi-tech service is designed for resident visa procedures. The service can be contacted via the Amer 8005111 number as well as the GDRFA website and mobile app. Any device with a front camera can be used.

The video call can be used to complete the process for standard residence visas, golden visas, legal advice, information on entry permit regulations, as well as to renew electronic documents.

Thanks to the new video call service, applicants can submit documents in just five minutes. The new service will also help reduce live queues at immigration centres. The authority expects to move all visitors to an e-service at a later date.

Source: Arabian Business

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