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Arabian Adventures relaunches Jeep Adventure Safari for 2023

Arabian Adventures, one of the leading destination management companies, tour operators and safari operators in the UAE, is once again launching an expanded edition of its Jeep Safari adventure itinerary following numerous requests.

The operator’s award-winning new itinerary includes additional stops for residents and tourists to experience the best of the country’s surrounding desert landscape and attractions in a single day.

The Arabian Adventures itinerary is designed specifically to highlight the ‘hidden gems’ of the UAE, and covers six key locations that can be explored from the comfort of a jeep, as well as hiking to see more. An expert safari guide provides transport and local knowledge throughout the tour, which covers the wonders of Buhais Geological Park, Camel Rock, ‘Valley of Caves’ at Al Faya Mountain, the Mleiha Archaeological Centre, Wadi Shawka and Wadi Al Helo.

1. Buhais Geological Park

At the foot of Jebel Bukhais is a dramatic new interpretation of a geological site of great geological importance to the UAE. Located on an ancient seabed in the Sharjah desert, Buhays Geological Park consists of a series of interactive exhibits in a visitor centre designed by London-based Hopkins Architects, reflecting the fossils of sea urchins that are found in abundance in the area. The centre and open-air trail showcase fossils and stones over 93 million years old, as well as ancient burials from the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages.

2. Camel Rock

To see another side of the UAE’s enchanting desert, head to the archaeological site of Mleiha. Here, clearly visible from over 25 kilometres away, the Camelback Rock, composed of fossils millions of years old, towers in the distance. Drive off-road through the red sands to find the legendary Camel Rock. This unique rock formation towers over sand dunes and is shaped like a resting camel. Set against the backdrop of the impressive Al Faya mountain range, this scenic spot is popular with photography enthusiasts.

3. Valley of Caves at Al Faya Mountain

Explore the vast Al Faya mountain range in the archaeological site of Mleiha. Jebel Al Faya, shaped like the back of a dragon, is an impressive mountain range which extends along the Al Faya Desert. At its north-eastern point, Arabian Adventures guides take visitors to the ‘Valley of the Caves’. Here they can admire the impressive limestone mountain landscape or hike through Neolithic caves for a glimpse into prehistoric times.

4. Mleiha Archaeological Centre

To learn more about the sites you have just witnessed and the further development of this archaeological site and ecotourism project of national importance, visit the Mleiha Archaeological Centre. The interactive exhibits and ancient artefacts demonstrate evidence of life in the Sharjah desert several hundred thousand years ago; some of the oldest evidence of human presence in the country.

5. Wadi Shawka

Popular with off-road enthusiasts and hikers, Wadi Shawka, located in the Hajar Mountains in Ras Al Khaimah, includes the Shawka Pools and the Shawka Dam. A true hidden gem in the UAE, the short (15-minute) hike is where the Arabian Adventures team can leave their four-wheel-drive vehicle and follow the scenic trail to the Shauka Pools. Here they can spot native wildlife, including the attractive blue-headed agama, on their way to a secluded, tranquil oasis at the foot of the rugged mountains.

6. Wadi Al Helo

Known for the abundance of groundwater that first attracted settlers here, Wadi Al Helo – or ‘sweet valley’ – is home to an important archaeological site in Sharjah and the UAE. Another location away from roadways, Arabian Adventures guides guide travellers to a restored Islamic watchtower and 19th century houses, as well as popular hiking trails. An optional hilltop walk offers panoramic views of the Hajar Mountains from the old fort. From here you can see the endangered birds, reptiles and other animals that have made this protected area their home.

The extended itinerary of the 2023 Arabian Adventures Jeep Adventure Safari is already available for booking.

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