UAE announces major visa changes

The United Arab Emirates Federal Authority for Identification, Citizenship, Customs and Port Security (ICP) has launched a new smart service allowing foreigners to extend any type of visa issued to them for 60 days.

It is specified that this service can be used once, before entering the country. The fee for visa extension will be AED 200. Applicants whose passport will remain valid for a minimum of three months will be able to have their visa renewed.

They do not have to stay within the UAE. Those taking advantage of the smart service will receive an email confirming the visa extension. It is noted that an application can also be submitted at print and service centres within the country.

An electronic application may be rejected if incomplete data or an incomplete set of documents is submitted. In this case, the applicant, whose application has been rejected, will receive a refund of the fees. It is specified that visas can be extended for those who cannot enter the UAE before their entry permits expire.

The department had earlier said that residents of the United Arab Emirates who have been out of the country for more than 180 days will be able to reactivate their visas.

Residents will be able to enter the UAE on their previous residency visas if approved by the authority. All they have to do is apply for one.

Anyone wishing to return to the Emirates will need to provide copies of their Emirates ID card and passport, as well as provide the reason for the delayed entry into the country during the past period.

Source: Arabian Business