Museum of the Future

Museum of the Future opens new retail store

The Museum of the Future has broadened its retail offerings with a physical shop offering limited-edition and exclusive merchandise, including replicas of some of its most popular exhibits.

Offering a glimpse into the future of retail, the shop offers unique items inspired by the museum’s exhibits and architecture. Many of the pieces on display in this elegant space were created, designed and crafted by local designers as well as internationally renowned artists, including Jason Brugge and Ellie Powell, who not only designed the shop’s latest limited edition, but also curated some of the exhibits.  

The range includes a miniature version of The Centre, a creative work of art inspired by the Al Waha exhibition. Like the experience itself, this limited edition installation is a tribute to the idea of future wellbeing and reconnecting with one’s senses. The shop also features an exclusive brass replica of ‘Pioneer Monument’, an artwork by the gallery in the shape of the solar system and inspired by the OSS Hope exhibition. All of the collections on display are exhibits that embody the experiences of visitors, allowing them to take home their own piece of Dubai Museum of the Future.

Equipped with a specially-designed audio system with artificial intelligence, the shop also creates an ever-changing, ever-evolving soundscape that allows visitors to experience beautiful collections and miniature masterpieces.

Around half of the items on offer are entirely commissioned by the museum, including those inspired by the cursive Arabic script, or tuluth, that adorns the building’s facade. These special collections cover Arabic calligraphy as well as the 3D printing technology used to build the museum. There is also a range of beautiful yet functional products, such as key rings, magnets, tote bags, wallets, pouches, scarves, books and coffee sets. Visitors can buy clothing made from recycled materials, high-quality educational games inspired by the future and limited edition pieces by local Emirati designers. The shop also offers gifts for children inspired by the Heroes of the Future exhibition.

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