Udrive launches exclusive Hatta offer

Udrive, a specialized per-minute car rental platform, has launched an exclusive fleet to provide more convenient travel to and from Hatta for residents and tourists wishing to explore the recreational, cultural and natural attractions of Dubai’s highlands. The offer has been launched in partnership with RTA Dubai and Dubai Holding to offer a unique and exclusive offer to the local community.

Hatta’s offer is in line with the UAE’s forward-looking tourism campaign “‘World’s Coolest Winter”, which aims to support domestic tourism in the UAE and attract global tourism by highlighting the country’s most famous recreational, cultural and natural attractions. Last year, the campaign boosted domestic tourism by 36%, reaching 1.3 million tourists. By facilitating smoother travel between Dubai and Hatta, Udrive and RTA provide a reliable and convenient transport system for travellers.

In a market where increasing vehicle offerings has been Udrive’s primary objective for its active customer base, the domestic startup continues to diversify its fleet and increase the availability of car sharing in the UAE. As each per-minute car sharing vehicle is used for three to five rides in a single day, Udrive is also supporting Dubai’s 2040 plan to create a city in 20 minutes, reducing the burden of driving around the city and improving connectivity for commuters across the Emirates. The company has a fleet of around 1,000 vehicles in the UAE and has recently expanded its operations to the KSA. Since its launch in 2016, the company has registered 380,000 users and the total number of rides has reached 2 million.

The Hatta fleet has been activated with increased mileage on the Udrive platform to provide affordable mobility solutions to and from the destination. Users will be able to book one of the dedicated vehicles for a comfortable journey and/or drive from the highlands of Dubai, while having the option to use the vehicle within Hatta to explore some of its best attractions. The offer is currently available to Udrive customers in Dubai, but there are plans to extend it to other emirates.

The fleet in Hatta is branded to stand out from other Udrive vehicles. Drivers can drive up to 350km in the first day (compared to Udrive’s daily fleet, which is limited to 100km per trip) in these cars, which can be extended for two additional days for AED 99 when using the increased mileage limit. The fleet has been expanded with spacious Mitsubishi Pajero SUVs for users to enjoy a comfortable ride with family and friends.

Visitors can take advantage of several amazing packages available until the end of the season. More information can be found on the Visit Hatta website.

To start using the service, passengers can download the app from Google Play, App Store or Huawei and register or follow the instructions on the website.

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