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United Arab Emirates to pay millions for rainy weather

The United Arab Emirates has announced a new AED 5 million grant to scientists and researchers to help increase rainfall in the country. The grant recipients will be announced in January 2024.

It is noted that the grant amount for the winners will be spread over three years, with a total budget of US$ 4.5 million. The rain enhancement programme is being implemented for the fifth time in the UAE. Its main objectives are to enhance cloud cover and increase rainfall.

Scientists and researchers can apply for the competition until March 9, 2023 and submit preliminary proposals by March 16. A shortlist of participants will then be formed, who will have to submit full proposals.

As previously reported, cloud seeding operations have doubled in the United Arab Emirates, as meteorologists try to increase rainfall.

It is believed that rainfall will strengthen the country’s water and food security and help replenish groundwater supplies. In addition, the change in weather patterns should also affect the development of the tourism industry.

In 2022, the UAE conducted 311 cloud seeding missions, with aircraft spending more than 1,000 hours in the air. By comparison, in 2016 they flew just 177 sorties.

Experts from the National Centre for Meteorology had earlier said seeding could increase rainfall by around 30% in a clean atmosphere or 15% in a dusty atmosphere.

On average, the United Arab Emirates receives 100 millimetres of rainfall annually. This water fills reservoirs that are used, among other things, for agricultural purposes. Experts say that cloud seeding is 60 times cheaper than desalination.

Source: Khaleej Times

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