K9 sniffer dogs in Dubai gain new skills

The Dubai Police Force has introduced two new specialties for its four-legged K9 sniffer dogs, who will search for the bodies of drowned people underwater and land from helicopters to carry out tasks. This will make the job of exhuming and identifying bodies much easier.

Police sniffer dogs are known to be able to sniff out explosives, carry out preventive checks at airports and seaports, locate hidden drugs, and search for missing persons after natural disasters or earthquakes.

The K9 unit will showcase its achievements at the World Police Summit March 7-9. The police said the dogs retain their performance even during the heat of summer, but they tire more quickly.

It is worth recalling that the United Arab Emirates was the first country in the world to use police sniffer dogs to detect persons infected with the COVID-19 coronavirus in the country’s airports.

The method is unique in avoiding any direct contact between dogs and potential infected persons thanks to their four-legged friends’ strong sense of smell. Within seconds, a dog can detect the presence of the virus in humans by analysing a sample of odour taken from a person’s armpit.

The United Arab Emirates Ministry of Interior has also engaged and trained K9 service dogs to combat the coronavirus outbreak.

The four-legged helpers have also been shown to be effective in controlling the spread of infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and malaria. Trials have shown that not only can the dogs quickly identify infected people, but they can also search out and navigate around large crowds, including at mass gatherings or at airports.

Source: Khaleej Times

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