Papa Dubai

Papa Dubai: Interview with Natalya Freys and Emil Bedretdinov

Individuality, sophistication and uniqueness in everything: there has never been anything like that in Dubai! Elaborate concept, unique cuisine and drinks, stylish interior and lighting, own creative mixology lab, bright parties and DJ sets that give a lot of emotions to everyone who visits Papa Dubai. This is an atmospheric space that combines 9 themed bars, a restaurant and a lounge.

The opening of the ground-breaking Papa Dubai took place in 2021 at the V Hotel Dubai in Al Habtoor City, following the launch of the equally successful and charismatic first Papa in 2020 in Moscow.

We managed to learn more about this incredible location and ask a few questions to Natalya Freys – a prosperous entrepreneur, an expert in the field of hospitality, design and decor, founder and inspirer, as well as the managing partner of the Papa chain Emil Bedretdinov.

1. Tell us about your path in the restaurant business: projects, directions.

I have always strived to create, invent and give my guests an unforgettable experience, using my knowledge, a combination of business experience and love for architecture and design., I successfully launched a private club “Spy” in 2018, “Papa Moscow” in 2020 in Russia, and we celebrated the opening of Papa Dubai already in 2021.

2. What inspired you to create and open a restaurant in Dubai?

There was nothing like Papa before in Dubai, so I decided to create it myself. I wanted to come to our place, where absolutely everything is thought out to the smallest detail: from food and drinks to interiors and lighting; so that people feel homey in a warm, relaxed and fun atmosphere, as well as be able to get an extraordinary experience and pleasure.

3. Why did you choose such an unusual original name “Papa Dubai”?

My father is a wonderful person, a man with a big heart and incredible energy, charisma and self-confidence. My father has always been an inspiration to me and that is why I named this special place in honor of him – “Papa”. He gave me strong and very important values and principles that guide my life, both personally and professionally. I feel that my father is always there for me and takes care of me – this is what I felt every day, working on the creation of Papa Dubai. The opening of Papa is not only an important moment for me personally, but it is also a tribute to my father.

4. What makes your restaurant stand out and unique? What is its concept?

Papa Dubai is a unique concept that combines the incompatible: a restaurant of Japanese-Peruvian cuisine, a premium location for private, corporate and social events, and, finally, a lounge space with day and evening brunches, night parties and after parties of different concepts and directions. There are 9 different bars, each of that has its own signature cocktails based on each of the spirits: wiskey, mescal, vodka, gin, champagne, rum, tequila, sake, wine.

It can be called a place of attraction, where people come in the morning for a business breakfast, stay for a themed brunch, dine in the restaurant area, stay for a party and leave only with an afterparty.

We are very proud of our team, who plays a crucial role in making every guest’s stay  unforgettable and special at Papa. We carefully selected wonderful people with charm and charisma so that our guests feel both entertained and taken care of. We were more interested in their personality, their desire to develop and grow with us.

We have our own mixology lab like real scientists. Our team has been experimenting for several months to create a unique menu that is truly unlike anything previously presented in Dubai. Liqueurs, syrups and signature cocktails, such as gin with goat cheese, provide an addictive flavor and an unforgettable experience for every visitor to Papa Dubai. All this is complemented by international cuisine from the talented Peruvian chef Emanuel Alvarado.

5) What plans and goals do you set for yourself in the future: opening new restaurants, collaborations or opening new directions?

If we talk about the Dubai market, there are plans to open two alternative concepts of the Penthouse and Beach Club formats. Today we plan to open Papa Bodrum, Papa New York, Papa Singapour and other cities and countries in that our team sees great potential, speaking globally about the Papa brand.

We thank Natalia and Emil for sharing interesting facts about the opening of such exclusive places, their concept and what allows them to express themselves and stand out from the rest, as well as their goals and plans for the future. We will follow the successes and announcements of the “Papa” network with great pleasure.

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